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American Cowboy heritage documentary to start filming in August of 2017

Austin, Texas(June 27, 2017) — The creators of Cowboys Without Borders announced that they are raising funds for the development of a documentary film that seeks to uncover the truth and grit that is the American ranching heritage and culture, promoting the agriculture industry and to show the backbone of our country and its cultural influence. The film is set to raise $75,000 on Indiegogo to cover production costs. A portion of the proceeds from the film will go towards a college student who will pursue a degree in ranch management.

The “Cowboys Without Borders” Film will follow the story of Gaston Davis, a sixth generation Texan from a ranching background as he explores ranches from the northern state of Montana all the way down to Argentina, and everywhere in between. He will work alongside the American Cowboys from North America to Central and South America.

“This film will capture the purest and most truthful representation of the cowboy and ranching culture in the Americas,” said Gaston Davis, creator of Cowboys Without Borders. “This will not be a glamorized fairy tale version of what the audience pictures as being a cowboy life. The film will explore the family heritage, work style in its most honest gritty form and finally look at the livelihoods of the cowboys themselves.”

Although the focus will be surrounding cattle operations in these countries, the heart of the story will be discovered when you see that although thousands of miles apart, and decades separated by advancement and technology, the heart of the American Cowboy remains the same, and they will forever serve their people on their respective frontiers.

“The goal is to unveil the heart behind the entire agriculture industry and present to the world what our nation was founded upon; hard work, determination and perseverance,” stated Ilissa Nolan, creator of Cowboys Without Borders.

Interested parties can donate to the Indiegogo campaign by visiting,

About the Creators:

Gaston Davis is a sixth generation Texan from a ranching background where his family owns and operates Pecan Spring Ranch. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin with a degree in Radio, TV and Film. He spent six months working on ranches in South America after graduation.

Ilissa Nolan is a ninth generation Texan from a ranching background where her family owns and operates Nolan Herefords. She is a graduate of Texas A&M University in Agricultural Leadership and Development and received her Master’s from Texas Tech University in Agricultural Communications. She is an advocate for agriculture and agriculture policy.

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